We have been operating since 2002 with the predecessor as Development Consulting Organization with a team of experts from design institutes and university lecturers. We have designed and built townhouses, villas, hotels, office buildings, schools, libraries, museums, parks, factories, ports, urban planning... in many places. On that academic and practical foundation, Kien Quoc Construction Science Company always integrates the value of multidisciplinary knowledge to create Projects - Architecture - Planning - Construction with superior solutions for individuals and the whole community.

History begins

In 2002, the Development Consulting Organization was established by experts in library design and university lecturers, since then, it has carried out many projects within its time limit. Our organization consists of creative architects, socio-economic and policy savvy regulators, engineers with advanced technical knowledge. We have consulted investment, design, construction in urban areas, factories, hotels, office buildings, schools, libraries, museums, parks, factories, ports, equipment. landscape planning, urban planning… Every project I do is always associated with many different specialties, the quality exceeds the expectations of the partners. That association spans decades. In 2020, Kien Quoc Construction Science Co., Ltd was established to develop intensively the core values ​​that we already have. At Kien Quoc, we continue to create projects, architecture, regulations, and construction with solutions that prioritize individuals and communities.

Kien Quoc Members

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